Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Biz idea

Heather had a great idea of starting an import-export business between Kenya and the US. We'd fill up a shipping container with this artist's furniture and sell it through an exclusive group of stores in appropriate shopping areas in the States. (Denver - think Cherry Creek.)

Shoot, if shipping wasn't so expensive, we'd send a bunch back for our own use!

One huge problem is just figuring out all the problems. One small example - the beautiful wood is probably banned from export. (Can you say "governmental laws to prevent deforestation"?)

By the way, this is another example of a "jua kali" (hot sun) artisan. The storeroom floor is indeed dirt and grass. (Hey - it's pretty low overhead.)

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Becky McCray said...

Paul, thanks for inspiring a different idea for me: resources to help entrepreneurs get from the idea stage to building a business.

I reprinted your article (giving you full credit) before I realized that you have posted a copyright notice on your home page. I apologize for not asking first. If you'd like, I'll be reduce my post to just a short quote and link back to you.

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