Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What I learned this year

1. What I think I know is not necessarily right. I have had so many assumptions challenged that I’m starting over in lots of areas.

2. I know a lot less than I thought. This relates a lot to my job. I manage about 15 people. None of them are from my home culture (America). This is my fifth year in Kenya, and I realize now that there is so little I really know about Kenyan culture.

3. It’s way helpful to be less judgmental. As I have been in leadership role, I have learned to be far less quick-to-make-a-judgment than before! It is still a struggle to keep that stance.

4. Lighten up. It’s so easy to take everything too seriously.

5. God has a plan. Heather and I are discovering it as we stumble through the darkness.

Ben and Jon spurred me on to this list.


The Lone Beader said...

#4 is the most important. That is how I get through my job everyday... :)

homemom3 said...

Oh don't ya just love finding out what you thought you knew wasn't enough or was actually wrong? That fits me, but I'm slowly learning so maybe 07 will be a good year. I agree #4 more people need to realize, even myself.

(not sure but looks like it didn't take so resending this again)

Eddie said...

Good one, Paul. The important thing is to keep learning!

Jon said...

ya know, after nearly 50 years in american culture, managing americans, I'm beginning to understand how much I don't understand about humans.

re: number 5. I wonder if the reason I stumble so much in the dark is because I'm a step ahead of the light on my path. Ouch.

Nairobi Paul said...

Thank you all!

I'd love to see your lists, if you want to join Jon and I in the exercise.

Karen Wallace said...

Hey Paul, firstly, thanks for visiting my list of what I learned. You're my first commenter from Kenya! Wow, what a small planet this is.

I like your list... and can relate especially to #1 this year. I live in Australia, was born here, yet I am STILL learning about people every single day.

Great list! I'm off to read some more of your blog - learning about a different country and culture is always thrilling to me.

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