Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Drivers License

(Or here it's called a "driving license.")

An American in Ghana reminded me of how easy it is for an American in Kenya to get a driver's license in Kenya. All that's needed is an International Driver's License, which can be obtained via any AAA office. Upon presentation of the International License and paying the fee, you are given a temp license. Then the real thing arrives in the mail about a month later.

Our problem is that before leaving the States, we forgot the part about having an International Driver's License. Then I remembered the reciprocal agreement with the UK - where those holding a UK license can get a Kenyan license. We had UK licenses - but they were back in the States. Through a very complicated process, our friend Seana sent us our UK licenses, and we were on the road.

Like so many other things here, the drivers licenses are hand-made. You'll note the handwriting on the paper parts of the license. And they look pretty bad after they take a trip through the washing machine. (Mine hasn't yet, but I have seen a few that have!)


Lora_3 said...

I like where it reads DATE OF BIRTH and then hand written "over 18". Now that's funny.

Be safe...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of driving license--Laine has his motorcycle driving license 8-)

Shilingi-Moja said...

I always found it amusing that Kenyans spell license, "licence".

I had my first Kenyan licence for about 10 years. Carried it in my back pocket and it was really ratty!

Bob (missing Kenya)

Anonymous said...

thats kenya license its recognize almost allover the world ,i live in paris & i use with no problem even in other countries like uk, nethelands,belguim ,germany etc..so stop putting as even kenyan license is nothing , igot my french liense the same way u got yours n kenya!

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