Snow tires & ski racks

Some of the "out of context" things I see frequently on the streets of Nairobi are snow tires and ski racks on cars that will never again see snow.

As I have mentioned many times before, most cars and SUVs in Kenya are used imports from Japan. They come "as is" - the TV antennas, ski racks, nav systems for Tokyo's streets, different frequency radios, etc., are still installed. (Occasionally the radios get stolen at the port of Mombasa.)

These high-end snow tires are on the car of friends Joel & Barb. Bridgestone's Blizzak is a great tire. And hey, when they're still in great condition, why get non-snow tires till they wear out?

The ski rack is not on Joel & Barb's car! I shot it at a golf course's parking lot. (I don't play golf - Rachel was going to a birthday party there.)


Lora_3 said…
So you don't play Golf. LOL

Ski Rack!

Be safe...
William said…
Interesting site, i am canadian and been to Kenya nairobi, as well to Karen County where i lived for two years. That was two decades ago, i remember that golf club, sneaking in and putting our meals on charges to my uncles account. The employees always helped us with our schemes. karen county was a place i will never forget.

one of the friends i made was a girl my age, Sarah Mills, she had a house nearby, her sisters were karen and suzzane. They been there for years. We wrote for years and then i lost her address and that was it. I am wanting to know if you know how one would search for an old friend.

My name is Bill Burgess, my email is or I was in Nairobi around 1985

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