Meeting Don

Chris has a great account of when she met Keith Richards.

Mine isn't as glamorous. I sold a hammer to Don Henley (The Eagles) in Aspen. I worked at a hardware store there one summer.

One fine day, a couple came in to do some shopping. The lady was, um, rather attractive. I didn't take much notice of the man. After they left, a seasoned Aspen resident co-worker informed me who I just sold a hammer to.

That same summer, my girlfriend there saw John Denver at the open-air mall. That shows you how long ago it happened. Another friend was a maid at a condo complex, and she cleaned the suite of the president of Sony.


Eddie said…
I stood next to Tom Petty at the bar in the Marquee Club in London when I was eighteen. We were on a post-examinations visit to the Science Museum, but some of us stayed on longer and went to one of the city's most famous rock venues. d
Katherine said…
Did you work at the Miner's Building in Aspen? We've shopped there numerous times. It's the only hardware store I know in Aspen, so I thought it might be that one.

My mom informally sang a song in German to John Denver in San Francisco at a conference once. All the conference-goers were singing to each other in pairs and she ended up with him.

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