Love birds

These long-tail birds are very common in our neighborhood. As usual, I have no idea what they're called. But they're fun to look at!

At the end of our first life in Nairobi, I was walking along the same road I do everyday. I saw one of these birds and thought, "Paul, why do you want to leave this paradise?"


Carol said…
The birds are so lovely! But even I cannot identify which species of birds are they..

And hey,just check my post on Love Birds. I hope u'll like them.
Shilingi-Moja said…
They look like Mouse Birds, but it's a little hard to tell.

The Lone Beader said…
Wow! I love those birds, too! =:)
Heather Jamison said…
I think it's the speckled mousebird - according to the Collins Field Guide. Could be wrong. Would need to see them a bit closer to confirm.

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