Casual Fridays

Fridays are casual days all over the world (at least in Kenya and in the States). A colleague wore this shirt recently, on a Friday of course.

The vast majority of garments worn in Kenya are pre-owned from North America or Europe. Even yours truly wears a lot of them. They are a good deal, and if you buy from the right merchant, they're nearly new.

So about this colleague's shirt - I'm not sure he ever has flown a kite. (This shirt is advertising the American Kitefliers Association.) But he commented that he liked the "American" aspect of the shirt.

I cropped out his face, to protect the innocent.

I originally shot this photo for my friend Rob, who loves to fly kites.


Heather Jamison said…
Not sure it's the right answer to your "love birds" question about which bird it is. My husband thinks it's the mousebird, too. Here's the link for the complete answer:):
The Lone Beader said…
That was designed in the States?? Interesting.... I love the little people and kites. Cute=:)

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