And we breathe that!

Our porch has a glass-
topped table. The weather has been so nice lately that we often eat lunch out there. (My office is an 8-minute walk from our apartment.)

I always wipe the top before we eat out there. The dirt on this rag was there after just two days. The air in Nairobi is notoriously dirty. It has a high percentage of diesel particulates. Our apartment is about 50 meters (yards) from a busy road, so we benefit from increased consumption of toxins.

(The rag is on top of the glass table.)


Pea said…
Nice blog.

I'm from Nairobi and I didn't realize just how dusty it is until I went back in 2006 after living in NY for a year. Diesel particulates? That sounds scary! But Nairobians survive, dust and all, so I figure it can't be THAT bad.
Heather Jamison said…
Sympathies sent to you from Kitale. We get cow fumes out here - and those sure 'nuf do stink but not like the diesel.
Anonymous said…
Wow Paul...before you mentioned that the rag was on top of the glass table, I was about to think that you had somehow managed to get it to float mysteriously on top of the green bar in some kind of powerful reality-distortion field. Thanks! ;-)

Dave Moody said…
Hemp's been reading too much about the iPhone, I wonder who keeps sending him articles. Anyone can see it was on top of the glass table. ;-)

Paul you contiue to make your experience come alive. Greet the fam.

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