Summer solstice/winter solstice

December 21st is the longest day of the year in the southern hemisphere. And yes, it's the shortest in the northern hemisphere.

Nairobi is just south of the equator, and for some reason, there is a big difference between June and December. We're in the midst of sunny hot days now. (It's nice.) If I were a scientist, I could go on about how the tilt of the earth creates this effect. I'm not.

(This papaya tree is just outside my office. Someone ate every papaya.)

ps I did post this on the 21st. But blogger reads the time zone from where their massive servers live.


Kelvin said…
Hello & Seasons Greetings from down under in New Zealand. Just the other day, I walked thru a park which has an organic garden & a papaya tree, so I helped myself !!! (hehe)
Hope you have a good one !!!

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