Sadili tower

This is a photo of the tower I climbed yesterday to get the photos of Kibera.

The tower was rusting significantly, so it was a bit scary at points!


Scrapnqueen said…
Okay, the view in that last photo totally freaks me out. I'm not afraid of heights, but something about the photo makes it seem worse than I'm sure it actually was.

Hello, Paul.
Lora_3 said…
Don't you ever do that again. I can't look at that last picture.

Be safe...ddkkb
jon swanson said…
I never say this, but, you make me sick. Or, your pictures do. I AM afraid of heights and this didn't help. HOWEVER, the pictures yesterday of the neighborhoods were very helpful for understanding, so, thanks. And thanks that I didn't have to climb!
The Lone Beader said…

You know, I do things like that at work all the time...

Be careful on the way down:)
chris said…
if you wanna get closer to the lord, get down on your knees, not up in the sky! nice feet though.

i'm still out here, btw...just preoccupied and exhausted lately. not a drop o' creative juice in my head. but lurking, nonetheless.

merry christmas!

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