Paw paws

("Paw paw" is "papaya" in Swahili.)

This papaya tree is on the other side of a high wall that I walk past every day. It's at the bottom of a compound owned by the Don Bosco Catholic Church. (Don Bosco was a saint who invented this powder drink, I guess.)

So why did I take the photo? Just to show you what papayas look like when they're on the tree. Strangely, this tree was pruned to within an inch of its life.

The shiny water tower in the background is on the compound of the house shown. It's a rare fancy house in Nairobi that one can actually see - most are hidden behind fences, hedges or walls. (I took this through the gaps in the gate.) One difference you will note between this home and a similarly sized home in North America is the car - this one's a 1998 Toyota Corolla. (Vehicles cost about double here compared to what they do in North America, so this car is not as modest as it might be there.)


Eddie said…
Why did I think this post was about dogs?

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