Not a botanist, part 2

This bizarre plant is growing out of the brick wall outside the entrance to our apartment building. Again, I have no idea what kind it is. But it could be from a science fiction movie.


Eddie said…
In an earlier stage of life, I was a botanist - but I tended to concentrate on how plants work, rather than being an encyclopaedia of names. However, at a guess, this looks like a horsetail - these are related to ferns and the seeds are able to germinate after very long periods underground and to force the seedlings though thick concrete or tarmac.
Thanks Eddie!

Happy new year.
The Lone Beader said…
Very interesting plant. It looks like one of those plastic ones that they sell to put in your fish tank. LOL
Danielle said…
Could this be a type of succulent?
Len W. Brown said…
It's a Bryophyllum tubiflorum.

Here are a bunch of pictures and description of it:
Paul Merrill said…
Wow, Len. Well done!

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