My Christmas present to you

The Owls. Their album: "Our Hopes and Dreams".

I can't buy it for you, but my recommendation is my present. Actually, I'm passing this gift on to you. My friend Mark gave it to me.

The CD was released in 2004, but I first heard it this year, so it makes my "Best of 2006" list.

They're from Minneapolis. They remind me of Low, John Lennon, and many other bands in a pleasing mix. It's mellow enough that it doesn't fall into that category of "bangy-crashy" stuff that Heather says I like so much.

I hope you enjoy!

ps I must give my usual disclaimer about the music - I cannot vouch for or comment on the lyrics. I am lyrics-blind. I listen to music for solely for the beauty of tune, melody and rhythm. (I appreciate Chopin and My Morning Jacket - and many things in-between.)

pss The best Christmas present of all is of course the Christ child - God coming to earth in the form of a humble child - so that we can be made right again.


The Lone Beader said…
Music is definately a gift from God. Merry Christmas, Paul=:)
Mark said…
I'm sure you will be happy to see what I found on The Owls web site (

"The Owls are currently in their rocking chairs, hard at work on their second record slated for release in early 2007. They are doing their best to portray the goodness of melody-driven songs, with unusual harmonies and soulful simplicity. “This collection of songs will be more expensive,” says LaBonne."
The Pocknalls said…
Hi. I have never heard of them but will look them up.
Merry Christmas to you and Heather, and the kids.
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