Jua kali mechanics

The most common entrepreneurs in Kenya are jua kali guys - those who work under the hot sun.

On a corner near my office is the shop of these mechanics. If you look closely, you can see them taking a lunch break in the shade of a nearby tree, next to the welding rig.

Apologies for the weird colors and washed-out look of the photo. I took it through my dirty windshield, and it was a very sunny day. (The guys eating lunch were totally in the shade, so I tweaked the pic in Photoshop beyond reality to show them to you.)


The Lone Beader said…
I don't think I'd want to get my vintage Buick fixed there.... LOL. And, you can find the link to 'Behind the Beam' in my sidebar under Favortie blogs... I'm trying to keep it completely seperate from my beading identity. LOL!

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