Yes, there were palm trees

So yes, we're back in normal life again. Thus I'm now equal with you... the vacation is over and it's reality time.

We went to Watamu, a small town about 70 minutes' drive north of Mombasa. It was a great family vacation. We spent great quantities of time on the beach and at the pool. And eating - that was lotsa fun all by itself.

By the way, I'm Mac-less for about another month, so I can't crop or play around with my photos (rotate, change saturation and other cheats). However, I have lots of posts with photos I created before my beloved Mac left me. Yes, I am sad, but happy is coming; my very good friend John is bringing over the replacement Mac when he and his family come to visit in early July.

It will be great to see them here! They are the first non-relatives to visit us in Kenya, during this time living here or our previous time. (It's so far to come from the States!)


Orrange said…
Glad you guys had a great vacation! And that some friends are coming to visit!!
The Pocknalls said…
There is no better place for a holiday than a beach.
I'm glad you had a lovely time.

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