I think you may have read how "matumba" are clothes and shoes that make their way to Kenya from the States and Europe - after they have been rejected by various charity shops there. We do most of our shopping for clothes and shoes at those open-air markets. (This tag came from something Heather bought here.)

Critics have complained that such cast-offs killed off the formerly thriving Kenyan textiles industry. But it's not that simple. Matumba markets provide employment for a lot of people! I would argue that it is a lot better to work as a salesperson at a stall there, compared to running a sewing machine in a factory. There's also a lot more incentive for being a good business person. If you display your goods in an attractive way or even shout out your low prices (as one salesman did), you might earn more!

I guess one thing that bothers me about this system is the reflection on the west - who discard perfectly good clothes, just because the style is not the absolute latest.

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By the way, I will be posting a few pictures from the family vacation - in about a month, after I have access to Photoshop again. Thanks for your patience.


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