The pre-wedding

Our friend Kioko is getting married soon. (The date is uncertain, as he is still negotiating with her family on dowry.) We attended his "pre-wedding" ceremony late last year.

This friend of the couple was selling little lapel decorations. The idea was to buy one and support the couple's wedding expenses. There were other fund-raising efforts too.

There was a lot of mind-numbing repetitive music performed via a distorted sound system. Yes, my tastes often converge from the norm in rural Kenya at times.

It was fun to see Peter and Grace's friends and family gather from far and wide to celebrate the coming marriage.

The highlight of the event was a meal at the end. We thought it would be lunch, but it turned out to be more like dinnertime when the meal began. We had to eat and run, as travel on the roads in Kenya at night is not advised. (One of the reasons is that it can be very hard to see pedestrians! And people on foot sometimes feel like they need to be in the middle of the road.)


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