Our backyard

You can tell it was a good rainy season. Everything is lush and green. (I took this shot about a month ago. It's still very green. This was the best rainy season in about 10 years, according to some accounts.)

The stone house is next to our apartment complex. An Asian (Indian) family lives there. I think their business relates to trucks and cars. When they are testing car alarms, we know it. When they are testing diesel truck engines, the engines run at idle way beyond the amount of time it would take to start the vehicle.


If the business has no sign and you regularly hear car alarms going off it could be a chop shop.
The Pocknalls said…
I love this photo. I can almost smell the garden.
I love the stone houses around Nairobi.
heidi said…
I like how the building is peeking out of the trees.
Nairobi Paul said…
No chop shop. Many business in Nairobi are unmarked. It can be difficult to find what you're lookinf for sometimes!
soulreavers said…
I love living where there is such a difference between rainy season and dry season. Makes you appreciate the beauty of color so much more.

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