This was so hilarious, I had to share it with you. Sorry, later I tried to come up with the link and failed. But if you want one, you just might find, you get what you need.

(Look closer; the clock has hands that move, so you're never "in"!)


~tanty~ said…
I was surprise to read your comment in my not photoblog. Did you ever been in Sumatera? How's life in Nairobi?
Nairobi Paul said…
Never been to Indonesia. Nairobi's fun but lotsa air pollution.
The Lone Beader said…
This is cute. Thanks for sharing:)
soulreavers said…
i love that clock, want it. Unfortunately, I don't got the scratch for it. Oh well. By the way, I love your pictures and stories of Nairobi. I have always wanted to visit/live in Africa, and this is tiding me over till that day.
Nairobi Paul said…
Yes, come to Africa! It may change your life!

Clocks are less relevant to life than in the west. Sometimes that's good, sometimes bad.
soulreavers said…
clocks are less relevant every where else in the world, than in the US. Growing up, we always joked about how Mexicans went by rubber time. This is the truth, if someone asked you to come to dinner at 5:30, you didn't show up until at least 6 b/c the hostess wouldn't have the food done, the house decorated, or be appropriately dressed if you showed up at the mentioned time. Same sort of thing in India.

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