Design philosophy

In a recent Fortune magazine, John Lasseter was profiled. He's the genius behind the new movie Cars, as well as other greats like Toy Story. (Cars won’t get to Nairobi until late July, I think.)

He had a few great comments I thought were worth repeating: "[The Japanese] will design something and then they take away until they can take away no more. We have adopted that same philosophy here in our films."

And John quotes his brother, " 'What I think makes sense in fashion design is to take really wild fabric and then make a classic piece of clothing with it. Either that, or you take a classic fabric and make a crazy pattern with it.' He said if you design things that way, there is something familiar for people to relate to. But if you do both - take a crazy fabric and make a crazy pattern - people can’t make any sense of it."

I believe this applies to any creative process - whether naming of an organization or designing of a toaster.


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