Shameless plug

Most Kenyans I know love to leave the big city. I do too. It's just nice to say goodbye to the noise, pollution and craziness sometimes.

Many Kenyans have their retirement home "up country" (in a rural part of Kenya).

I thought this would be a great bumper sticker, and so I made a bunch. I haven't put much effort into marketing yet. I was discouraged when a Kenya friend asked me what the bumper sticker means. I guess it's an American concept applied to a Kenyan ideal - and that marriage is not made in heaven.

By the way, If you're in Kenya and would like ten or more, put a comment after this entry with contact info, and I'll get in touch. I'm selling them for about a buck apiece (70 shillings) - a real true bargain.

Update: A Kenyan friend told me that these stickers might not be popular because it has kind of a negative statement - the implication is, "I'm not happy here." (This fits right in with the amazing African sense of optimism.)


The Lone Beader said…
Nice design! And, I like the saying, too. If I had a Jeep or some off-road vehicle, I would totally display that=:)
Lora_3 said…
The design is great. I guess here in Austin they would say " I'd rather be in the Hill Country!"

Be safe...
Dave Moody said…
Funny the cultural differences. No wonder nations seem to talk past each other.

Thanks Paul...

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