Seize the day

Our neighbors below our apartment are from Korea. Yae-Ben plays with Rachel all the time. (They are even in the same class at school together.)

They're moving.

I have often thought of inviting them up for a meal. We never got around to it.

So what's the photo? Over the weekend, they were drying these wood chips of some kind, for some unknown purpose - on our shared "backyard".

And what's the "seize the day" bit? Well, maybe I can urge you to give in to that positive urge, before the opportunity is gone.


The Pocknalls said…
So true. We have often missed the opportunity we should have taken.
The Lone Beader said…
What are the wood chips all about??
Nairobi Paul said…
No idea on what the wood chips are for. I was too busy to seize the day and ask our neighbors.
Jon said…
Man, do you and I live in the same place? Or just the same skin.

My friend Robert in Quito says carpe aetermium. Why settle for just a day.
chris said…
You know, having lived much of my life ashamed of my small house, lack of the decorating gene...and the cooking gene and, well, the hostess gene altogether, it took me all these years to realize that in the company of good friends or people worth knowing, none of these things matters one bit as much as good company, conversation and laughter.

You're right...seize the day, take the risk of letting your guard down. Every relationship you have, long-term or a casual conversation is an opportunity to share joy with someone else and glorify God.

When you come back to the states, I hope you'll swing by this way and eat a hot dog on my creaky, old backporch while the kids swim in the pool I bought at, uh...Walmart!

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