My trusty Sony P200 camera was producing grey spots on every movie and photo I took. So I found a Sony authorized service center in downtown Nairobi (two, actually!). They repaired it for about half of what it would have cost in the States. And they repaired it in about 24 hours!

Turned out the lens was dirty on the inside. Serves me right for carrying it in my pocket so much.

The photo is a typical January sky in Nairobi (if you look straight up). No spots!

So some things are better in Kenya. But you knew that already.


Anonymous said…
Hi Paul- I love the color on this one - have you tried to match it to a PMS color?

I really like your blog - I'll miss it when you come home.

Linda Helton
Josh P.G. Lane said…
Paul, that is one thing that amazes me about today's digital cameras -- especially the SLRs. It is incredibly easy to get dirt on the inside either on the lense or on the CCD sensor. The first time I shot with a digital SLR, I blew into the camera to get dust off the mirror. It was a huge mistake. I sent all the dust further into the camera. All the resulting shots had huge dark chunks scattered all over them.

Glad to hear you're freshly cleaned. It is always such a relief! And, I enjoy your photographs.

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