Radio in Nairobi

The only time I listen is when I'm driving. When anyone else is in the car, I don't listen. But I run a fair amount of errands for work - especially when my staff is on vacation. (That happened a lot toward the end of last year.)

One group vehicle that I drive has a radio (shown) that picks up only three stations - one in Swahili, one in French and one in Hindi. I enjoy listening to those stations, though my attention span is not as long as it might be for an English station.

Our personal car picks up BBC World Service (tailored for Africa), and there are some great programs on there.

At least two other group vehicles have only AM radios. They seem to pick up just two stations. Both are in Swahili. Maybe one is in Kikuyu. And of course the sound is trashy - the full spectrum of audio delights pumped through a 2" speaker.


Nancy said…
Paul - My husband and I will be reading your posts with interest over coming weeks. We loved the pictures of the fam at Lake Naivasha. We are contemplating a move to Nairobi in the coming months and we have an 8 month old daughter. Would love to hear more about your experiences with your kids and if you have any expat acquaintances/friends with young children. Thanks much!
The Lone Beader said…
Hey, 3 stations is better than the ONE that I picked up in NH that only played Bruce Springsteen. LOL!
Hey Paul,
Nice post. I can get just about anything to listen to on the computer, but I still like a good short wave reciever. I had a really nice one back in the states, but I don't know what became of it.
Nairobi Paul said…
Shortwave - it can be really cool. I bought one that was not user-friendly & sold it. Sigh.

Bruce? I would get bored!

Nancy - stay tuned. Also check my son's blog (link in sidebar.) We have lotsa expat friends with kids here.

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