Not in Kansas

Yes, it was one of those Toto moments.

I picked up a little scrap of paper from the floor of our car and came across this little note. To help your powers of interpretation, the bottom lines say, "Swimming - hippos? crocs?"

We went on a weekend getaway possibly featuring a swim in the river. It struck me how non-USA it was to need to ask if there were hippos or crocodiles in the river before we could swim.

There weren't any. They had to quit rafting a few years back, though, because hippos attacked a raft or two. (The "beach" was hippo-free, however.)

The water was cold!


Dave Moody said…
I've read somewhere that 'death by Hippo' is the most common human vs animal cause of death in Africa. I never would have thought that, but then, I've only seen Hippos in a zoo. Shows what I know.

Josh P.G. Lane said…
Hello, Paul. It is pleasure to meet you. I owe a thanks to Lora.

Love your blog. What an incredible adventure you and your family are taking?!! I am very happy for you all. I also look forward to more postings before you head back in June.

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