Last weekend o' the year

Over the weekend, we went to Lake Naivasha. Two central events were part of our time away from the big city; today I'll feature Crayfish Camp. Tomorrow I'll feature Hell's Gate National Park.

We stayed one night at Crayfish Camp. It's a semi-rustic set of tents and cabins. Heather, Rachel and I stayed in one of the rooms. Jay and Ben slept in an old VW camper van. It was outfitted unlike any other camper van I'd seen. It had no engine. The last time it was on the road was maybe 20 years ago. Rachel posed in front of an old Vauxhall car that was similarly converted. (As you can see, a boat and an old camper trailer were also converted.)

One interesting sight was several "santas" unloading a bunch of beer crates into a bird-watching bar that overlooked the lake. (New year's eve was the night of the day we left.) Not much bird watching took place that evening.


Cute kids and interesting weekend.
I especially like the VW camper. Must have been a blast for the boys.

BTW, my blog is worth $54,760.38.
The Lone Beader said…
(Wow. My blog is only worth approx. $26,000. LOL!)

Anyways, Paul, these photos are wild! And, I must admit, I've never heard of a bird-watching bar, but I'm sure that makes bird-watching a lot more fun...hahahe!
Shilingi-Moja said…
Where is Crayfish Camp? I thought I was familiar with the Naivasha area but don't know this one. We have spent many a happy night at Fisherman's Camp -- and some unhappy ones when we happened to be there at the same time some large, loud, drinking groups were there.

Nairobi Paul said…
Crayfish Camp is before you get to Fisherman's Camp (as you're coming from Nairobi).

F's Camp is now named something else. But it's INCREDIBLY green and beautiful out there now. More rain than in the 80s, according to a Kenyan friend.
James said…
We were going to go up there shame we haden't due to the kids caught the flu. Looks like they would have enjoyed it I like the Volkswagen camper shame Volkswaken parts cost so much its a bit of a put off.

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