Art from rubbish

Looking back to the Christmas holidays, we went on a hike in the nearby Ngong Hills.

We were escorted by an armed guard, but that's another story.

Anyhow, I collected plastic lollipop stems (handles?) on the way down the hill. I think I counted 159.

Of course I was irritated that the candy enjoyers couldn't throw them away properly. (Now I can hear you saying, "But if they had thrown them away, you wouldn't have been able to make your art!")

I enjoyed redeeming them from a life of fading in the sun and making some art. It's another of my ephemera series - I threw them away after I took the shot. (So now they are condemned to a very slow death in a landfill near Nairobi.)

If you double-click on the image, you can see it a little bigger.


The Lone Beader said…
Nice! I would have used them to make stick figures or some kind of structure with them. =:)
Anonymous said…
Would it have been more or less environmentally friendly if you had burned them rather than sent them to the landfill? It might have at least been interesting to see some shots of them burning. Especially if you'd taken Lonely Bender's suggestion and first made little stick figures out of them!

What did you lay them out on to get the black background?

Cheers, Shane
Dave Moody said…
I'm laughing Paul, cause I can see you picking up these things and getting the kids to get these all the way down the mountain...

Boy do I miss you guys!

keep blogging...
Nairobi Paul said…
They helped a little, but it was mostly my effort. (Thankfully, Jay, at 13, has not yet reached the point where he said, "That's stupid, Dad!")

Background: the concrete outside our apartment's front entrance.

Stick figures? Good idea for the next one, maybe.

Burning vs landfills? Burning releases toxins. (Lots of those here!) Landfills create mountains. I like mountains.
celticpole said…
I love this and would hang it in my home. I love the colors, very mellow, even though it's trash.
The Pocknalls said…
I love it. I saved the picture.

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