Those of you familiar with Latin America and Africa know that time has a different meaning here compared to North America, Europe and the far east.

My awareness of this was raised to new levels recently - a check came via registered mail for the refund of the deposit for an electricity account this week. The account was for a person who left Kenya maybe 15 years ago. I would not have thought this unusual except that a similarly long-absent person's deposit arrived the same day.

Amazingly new levels of inefficiency? An account getting lost in the shuffle and rediscovered after many many years? I leave that to you to decide. I guess it's just amazing that a refund came at all!


Scrapnqueen said…
That sounds like it could've happened in India!
chris said…
Hi Paul,

Alan has shared some of your writing with me in the past so I'm already hooked! The photos and commentary here are great.

Both my husband and I have felt a certain "yearning" for missions work over the past few years - it seems that God is preparing us for SOMETHING, but it's not clear yet...patience and discipline are not strong points in my life. I look forward to reading more about your journey - maybe that will trigger some ideas.

Not sure why inward/outward didn't work for you...maybe a browser thing? It's www.inwardoutward.org. Definitely worth checking out.

Many blessings in the name of online fellowship!

gracie said…
Hehe.. add the south pacific island nations to your list there... throw your watch away!
Lisa & Oliver said…
Liked your blog, as we are travelers at heart! Quite an experience you are having...
Anonymous said…
That's just odd.

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