Making his mark

Mr. Mwangi decided to let everyone know that he had been to this part of the Nairobi Arboretum. This is on a variant of a sisal plant.

If Mr. Mwangi were in North America, he'd be carving on an oak tree.

(By the way, I think I did this post already - but I couldn't find it! I guess my memory is going in my old age.)


Anonymous said…
looks like he was writing on the leaf of a magai cactus.
Anonymous said…
Poor cactus!!! That leaf will be forever scarred:(
Isn't amazing that the human race feel the need to leave a mark in this world. The mark we as believers should thrive for is for Chirst alone. Not that he should of put Jesus' name on the leaf, but shining the light God gives us to shine. Things for me to work on. To pray to have God give you an oportunity to witness for him and then when he does, do I shine my light? I hope so....

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