Another product that would be hard to find in WalMart

This one is from Argentina. Usually this kind of thing comes to Kenya from the Arabian Peninsula (think Dubai). I found it hard to understand how it could be easier to ship something like that here from Argentina vs. shipping it from China. How many goods come to Kenya from Argentina? Not many, I'd guess. But we get the same high percentage of stuff from China here as the States does. So it makes sense to me that some little candies from China would be worth shipping here along with padlocks and bootleg videos. But what else comes from Argentina to Kenya? I haven't seen anything else.

Yeah, yeah - globalization.

By the way, the mints were average - but a pretty good deal at about 28c. And I give the package design a C- ...for its poor combination of "menthol" and "plus".


Anonymous said…
Really? I read it as 'menthoplus'. Anyways, are they cough drops? And, how do they taste? Inquiring minds want to know:)
Danielle said…
These look terrible! The crazy package just says...stay away! aaack!

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