Another club

Some of you might remember my visit to the Tanga Yacht Club. (Scroll down to April 9th.)

One recent Sunday afternoon, we went as a family to the Aero Club of East Africa. They serve lunch. (We're not members.)

It was fun for us to see small planes (and a few helicopters) take off and land. This cool plane was parked just outside the club's fence.

It was another of those glimpses into Kenya's colonial past; not a single club president was African - from 1927 until the present.

Inside the building was a small museum. This 9-cylinder engine used to generate 600 horsepower.

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Anonymous said…
Wow!! I love the paint job on that plane!!! Very cool!!! Do you happen to have a photo of the whole thing?? I love small planes. Thanks for sharing:)

Also, I posted some pics of my desk for you:)

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