Wire art

There are some great artists in Kenya. (Well, I admit, most every country has some great artists.) Since Nairobi has many tourists that come through, as well as lots of global aid agencies having bases here, there is a ready market for their art. I'm a prime consumer, at times.

These wire artists are quite resourceful. The "rubber" is electrical tape. The hubcaps on the VW are ends of D-cell batteries.

The wheels turn and the hoods (bonnets, for the English-speakers out there) open.

This post is dedicated to The Lone Beader, who creates art of her own. She had asked to see the some art, many moons ago.


The Lone Beader said…
That is so clever!!! I love it, and thanks for mentioning me. HOw big are these cars?? I like classic cars, and someday will do a beaded car, eventually. (No, not a real car that is beaded...LOL)
Nairobi Paul said…
Happy to put the post "out there"!

These vehicles are about 10" long.

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