The keycase

Well, I managed to come by the office this Sunday afternoon and add an entry here before I really return to work on Wednesday morning.

One of my jobs at work is being the keeper of the keys. It takes four layers of keys to get into the keybox.

Security is a big deal. But as one friend noted, a crowbar is a pretty universal key. However, our work compound is protected by an electric fence with generator backup, a security guard and locked bar-doors in front of the locked doors.

Once you get into my office corridor, it takes only a skeleton key (or in England, it's called a mortice key) to enter my office. There are few varieties of those, so my actual office door is not very secure.


heidi said…
this is interesting. keys. very important.
Samawati Joy said…
This may seem strange but I wondered if I could get your advice. I used to live in Kenya (for a little over 6 months) and I ended up marrying a Kenyan. He is in the United States with me now but we would love to live (for him move back) in Nairobi/Kenya for good. Would you have any ideas or leads for Americans looking for jobs there, I would be willing to change my citizenship. Also, I speak swahili.

Please help me out if you can and God bless.
The Pocknalls said…
Hi. I hope you enjoyed your holiday with your Texan friends.

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