Why Blog?

I have enjoyed doing this website.

I’ve asked myself why I am doing it, as people rarely comment. I realize that doesn’t mean no one is out there reading this. However, part of the point of a blog is that it’s supposed to be some kind of an on-line community of people commenting on topics – and then people commenting on those comments. Having said that, a well-visited blog usually overwhelms the author, and like all of you, my life is busy enough already.
Another reason I enjoy writing here is to let people get small snapshots of what life is like here on the other side of the world.
So what’s the point of this photo? It’s another sight that is part of my daily walk to work. I don’t know what the marker post is for… maybe a marker for zoning or a pipeline? You might note the very rough-hewn fence in the background.


freak_engineer said…
keep blogging. i enjoy reading and i love the pictures. my family lives in nairobi but we are from meru though. you give me a taste of kenya that neither the online editions of the standard nor the nation can match.

please do enjoy your time in kenya. by the way, a friend of mine, barbara, told ma about your blog. take care and all the best!
Nairobi Paul said…
thanks! glad you enjoy it.

and barbara is a friend of ours too. i'm glad she's going so far with her skills and talent.

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