Where We Work

Heather and I work at the BTL Centre. (For the Americans out there, Kenya follows British spelling conventions.) BTL stands for Bible Translation and Literacy. They are the Kenyan national Bible translation organization.

It was built maybe 50 years ago. There are three buildings, all made out of stone. On the left side of the photo you can see the lower part of a large palm tree. The grey dead leaves get trimmed off in the places most Americans live or visit. Behind the palm is an acacia tree, which is one of the most common trees in this part of Africa.

The Centre is in “Upper Hill,” a section of town that used to house the people who worked for Kenya Railways. Probably all of the buildings have been privately owned for at least 20 years. One thing that is puzzling is how some homes have high walls and electric fences, while others of similar size have flimsy fences and very minimal security.


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