That Mosquito

At about 3am this morning, Ben woke us up because a mosquito was buzzing in his ear. (The funny part was he said it was a bee.) Heather graciously got up and slayed the dragon.

We have mosquito nets, but sometimes those pests sneak in uninvited. (We use the nets more to avoid midnight buzzings rather than malaria. Apparently few of them carry malaria in Nairobi.)

So I couldn't get back to sleep. My thoughts turned to world-wide events. A friend who lives near London sent a shocking picture of one of the buses that got blown apart. And we haven't even seen many images of Katrina's destruction. I was comforted to remember that God knows even when a sparrow falls to the ground.

Then I started praying. Some friends have been going through Katrina-of-the-marriage. May God have mercy on that family! And I always pray for Ken, who frequently gets hit with insomnia.

Tonight, may your sleep be mosquito-free!


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