School Rules

Vyulya has a girls' secondary school. (For the Americans reading, that's the equivalent of a high school.)

And yes, the rules are important.

The classrooms are pretty bleak. Needless to say, there isn't the money to spend to put up lovely decorations or provide fancy DVD systems.

Heather and I came up with the idea of painting the walls with some maps. If you'd like to join us, that would make a great short-term mission project! Something to think about is that your airfare would probably pay for enough labor and supplies to paint the walls of every classroom three times over. Such is one of the dilemmas of short-term missions.


freak_engineer said…
where is vyulya? i have never heard of that before. i am confused, is either you or your wife a teacher at a local school?

thanks for the great blog. and ooh, by the way ... MAC POWER! sorry you have to resort to the ways of the Windows world.
Nairobi Paul said…
thanks for the comment! i'm glad you enjoy reading my words.

vyulya is in the country near masii (ukambani). we are not teachers, but my wife heather's heart just ached when she saw how basic the classrooms are and how just a little effort and money could make a big impact on improving their environment.

and yes, YAY MACS!
Barbara said…
And more mac power! (can I blame failing my 3D studio max class to my distaste for windows?) I would join in on the painting - (does on computers count)!

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