Peter Otieno

Every day I pass several eskaris – gate guards. Peter is the main guy for the Tamarind Group, whose offices I pass on my way to work.

Being an askari is not easy, in terms of the mind-numbing boredom that often is part of each day. But the position come with responsibility; one must determine who can enter the property and possibly fend off bad guys.

I hope to take photos of each of the “regulars” I see and greet every day. (I love the little hut that Peter has to stay in if it’s rainy. You can see a little of it in the right of the photo. If you look very close, you can see the newspaper in the lower right corner. That’s one way to fend off boredom!)


Kusini said…
Its askari not eskari...i am a Kenyan in Denver who reads your blog (small world eh?)
Johanna said…
I like this post.

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