Katrina and More

It is hard to think of how difficult it must be for so many in Louisiana right now, since they are on the other side of the world. And since our TV's reception is so bad, we haven't been able to see or hear much of the disaster.

But life is difficult here all the time for many. AIDS has left countless thousands of children with no parents. Our friend Kioko is giving part of his life to help them in Ukambani, Kenya. A new paradigm is orphans being integrated into their communities rather than separated in orphanages. So some improvements have been introduced!

This rainbow came the other evening. Rainbows must come with rain close by. Even though I don't know what rainbow is coming for Katrina victims, God has a plan. His plans are beyond my comprehension, but I do take comfort in knowing that I don't have to know why things happen.


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