Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Simple and expensive

One Sunday we went to the Norfolk Hotel for a basic lunch. We left hungry because we were too cheap to order enough to fill our tummies. But it's a classic colonial-roots hotel close to the heart of downtown, and we wanted the kids to experience it: white table cloths, polite wait-staff and the olde-world colonial ambience.

This lovely tomato was a part of the kiddie eggs-and-toast meal. (I ended up eating that meal, as whichever of the kids ordered it liked what I ordered more.)

Speaking of food, here's a link to the best description of a meal I have read. Linking to that story reminds me of how the internet is a living thing... that story won't be on the web forever. It will die and be replaced by another.


celticpole said...

Thanks for the link paul. That's kindof what I imagine the feast from isaiah 25 to be like - the choicest meats, best wine. makes me want to be with good friends in a kitchen!

The Lone Beader said...

What a cute little tomato!

soulreavers said...

okay, i really don't like you right now ;) That story made me so hungry, and I had just eaten too. It also put any descriptions of food I have tasted to shame. Oh well, man I have got to do something like that sometime.

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