Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The East Africa Motor Show

On Saturday a few weeks ago, Keith and I did a father and son outing with our oldest boys. It was fun, though we only stayed about an hour.

This guy painted the hood (bonnet) in about 20 minutes. (I enjoy that graffiti style which transcends all borders.)

Jay and Brad had a quasi-good time. (The car behind them is - or was - a Toyota Starlet, circa about 1993. I particularly loved the Batman-car effect.)

Lots of the show highlighted the rap culture here (much of which is borrowed from the States). Several cars had massive sound systems with woofers that went in and out vast distances, as they created bass notes that shook us to the core.


The Lone Beader said...

An entire grafitti-ed car would look cool.

Imran said...

Thank you for promoting the booming car tuning industry of Kenya a wider audience. It good to see international citizens complimenting our work. I am part of the family that organise's the EA motor show, and its good on a personal note to see the recognition such shows are having to a larger audience.

punch said...

yep..kenya finest was there..i hope this year my team and i hook it up at e a motorshow//

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