Thursday, May 04, 2006

So close

Just as we were about to leave the game park, we encountered three giraffes - right in the middle of the road!

One was very old. The youngest is pictured here. The elder was completely unafraid of us. He was literally within touching distance.

What makes the game park experience different than visiting a zoo in North America or Europe is the scale of the habitat* and the unfenced experience. It's kind of like visiting a friend's home. That's a lot different than visiting them in prison. (I'm not saying zoos are bad - they certainly provide an opportunity to see animals in real life that would not otherwise be possible for most people.)

*One of Kenya's game parks is the size of Connecticut.


Chris said...

This is fascinating to me. That's what Afria means to me when I see this picture.

Of course, through your photography, I see so much more of what Africa really is.

3rdfloor20 said...

Thanks for the great picture and the understated insight. I am so impressed with Giraffes when I encounter them in zoos. Here in Stuttgart they actually bend over quite far over the fence so that you can almost touch them.

Orrange said...

dude, i'm so freakin jealous!!! I absolutely love animals.. and giraffes! ... holy cow.
you'll have to give us the low down on where to go when we bring Brooklyn and Sam to Kenya.
ps-- our friends the Puringtons just got back to Nairobi!

Kris said...

how did you get up so high? like touching it :)
Great capture !

MoonSoleil said...

Oh wow, that's an amazing picture!
Where's the rest of the giraffe? =)

Nairobi Paul said...

I shot it from our car. That giraffe was just a little guy.

The rest of him is hidden behind the undergrowth.

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