Thursday, February 09, 2006

Where do they get these?

On the main highway running through downtown Nairobi, sales people peddle their wares, running alongside vehicles waiting for the light to change.

This imitation of a $5000 Swiss watch goes for about $30. The quality's not there, but it looks pretty close.

The most hilarious thing about this particular fake is that the Breitling logo is backwards on the second hand! And on closer examination, you can see that the logo is a few degrees slanted off the word "BREITLING".

Another feature of these watches is that they can be models never produced by the real manufacturer. Sometimes they are a completely different style than what the manfacturer produces. (An analogy would be a Rolls Royce SUV. Or Coca Cola brand beer.)

Besides watches they also sell sunglasses, Like RayBans. Those may be the real thing, but factory rejects. Other goods offered are oranges, tv antennas, Swahili folktale books, apples, padlocks and bootleg DVDs. And much more. In one section of town, the guys even sell (very cute!) puppies.

So where do the watches come from? China, of course.

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