Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nairobi Baptist Church

Nairobi Baptist opened the doors to their huge new sanctuary about a month ago. It is the largest evangelical church in Kenya now, from what I've heard.

We visited one Sunday when our regular church was so loud that we walked out the door. (Can you say hearing damage?!) In contrast, Nairobi Baptist is very subdued. Too subdued for our tastes.

It was obvious that Nairobi Baptist was still getting the kinks worked out; they spent about 10 minutes introducing every visitor that morning!


Barbara said...

I also found Nairobi Baptist indifferent on their dutiful service routine when I attended there. Its amazing that it stays this way!

Jonathan said...

Hi Paul. I recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading many of your postings. I am considering a move to Nairobi, and am looking for a church to attend. Nairobi Baptist was the first I found on the net, but I'm interested in others. What is the name of your regular church? Do they have a website? ALternatively, could you provide an address? Thanks. Jonathan

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