Monday, October 10, 2005

Lake Nakuru

This weekend provided my first opportunity to visit a game park during this Kenya Life 2. We joined the Cowmans, friends from Kenya Life 1, for a short visit. It was wonderful to get out of the noisy big city.

Heather loved having her own digital camera. She wasn't always asking to borrow mine. And she was able to take all the shots she wanted without telling me to take this or that. (Rachel's head is at the right, and Heather's hands are at the left.)

Lake Nakuru is famous for its pink flamingos. (Ben and I chased them.) We also saw a huge numbers of white rhinos. They are a protected species, apparently due to a Chinese appetite for their horns (an aphrodesiac??). We also saw a bunch of gazelles of all sizes and shapes, cape buffaloes and more.

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