"You are very sticky"

I bought this passport cover for about $1.50 (100 Kenya shillings). Why? I dunno. I certainly don't have a Kenyan passport. But now my American passport can look like a Kenyan passport.

So, you're thinking, "Paul is crazy." Maybe true.

Anyhow, as I clenched the deal (starting at 200 shillings), the highway salesman ended our exchange by saying, "You are very sticky!" It was his way of saying, "You are a good bargainer." But if I had a different skin color, I could have been an even better bargainer.

There's always the feeling that I don't want to cut the sales-persons' profit too much - these guys have to make a living! So I attempt to not go too low.


Katherine said…
That's cool, having a Kenyan passport cover!
The Lone Beader said…
That is cool. And, you just reminded me, I need to get something like that for my passport. I'm leaving for Europe in 2 weeks!
Courtney said…
brent LOVES to bargain when overseas!
So true. Haggling is not something that sits easy with us.

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