Why some come & some go

I use a tool called Google Analytics. (It's free, like most Google things, including this site.)

Within the last week, 115 return visitors came to my site & 144 new people came. The top day (Mon 27th) had 47 visits & 70 pageviews. Grand Rapids won the most hits with 15.

Why do some come back? I hope it's because they find my viewpoint interesting. Would it be possible to keep any of the new people? I dunno; my numbers seem to be pretty level. My guess is that some regulars get bored and quit coming. Some new people stay. Kinda like a city bus; some people stay for the whole journey. Others ride for only one stop.

How do you keep your friends coming back?

What are your Google Analytics numbers?


Anonymous said…
Hey Paul,

Do your page views count people who read the blog via a feed? I read it in Google Reader, but I don't know if that shows as a hit for you. Let me know.
Becky McCray said…
Looking at my Analytics, it shows only page views. To track feed subscribers, I use Feed Burner. It also adds some extra features.

How do you keep friends coming back? Here are few of my thoughts.
1. Keep telling us your stories.
2. Keep sharing your pictures with us.
3. Allow us to get involved. You allow comments, so you might think about something like MyBlogLog to let us leave a kind of footprint when we visit, but don't have any comments to add.
4. Tell us longer stories, maybe in a serial form, so we come back to get the latest.
5. Share your advice. Consider writing some what you have learned for us. The kind of thing Justin asked you about.
Anonymous said…
Ahoy there Nairobi Paul----My husband, two children, and I are considering a move to Nairobi early summer or late spring---depending on job offer, and I'm anxious for any info on life in nairobi, thus my interest in your site. I read each entry looking for your references to life in the city/country. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Nairobi Paul said…
1. I'm not sure if the Google Analytics gives feed stats or not.

2. Thanks for your tips, Becky - some great advice.

3. Anonymous - I hope you can get some useful info from reading my blog. (I know that learning about Indian soap may not help you much - but that's the sort of thing that keeps me sane.)

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