Time and energy

Checkout lines are always frustrating, no matter where you are in the world.

The other day, I needed to get change for a purchase from another shop, so I went to Nakumatt, the only store in Kenya where change is always plentiful. The lines were so slow and so long that I went to a nearby health food store and bought an overpriced "energy bar". I was highly amused to read the wrapper later and see that it was imported from my native Denver, Colorado.

By the way, I don't recommend that particular flavor; mixing cinnamon and chocolate isn't a good idea - at least for my taste buds.

The wrapper states, "Each bar is a gentle balance of high energy and sustaining foods that leave you with a pleasing sense of vitality and well being for hours to come." That is what I felt, but I think that was from my cup of coffee.


Lora_3 said…
So if its between the energy bar or the coffee, your going coffee.LOL Go choice.

Be safe...
Vanessa Rosa said…
Hi Paul,

I have a friend living in Kenya who is having some stomach problems. I would like to direct him to a health food store and see that you have discovered one! Could you give me the contact info?

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