Some more fun blogs for you

The Lone Beader - this lady does amazing stuff with beads. She has to be one of the best bead artists in the world!

Brook works with drug addicts living on the street in Kathmandu, Nepal. She really lives on the edge.

Lora has a unique perspective on life, from Austin, Texas.

Courtney & Brent live in our home town - Littleton, Colorado. They adopted Sam, a wonderful boy from Kenya, via India.

Dave & Barb are the only couple I know who both have blogs. They live in small-town Illinois and I hope some day in the same town as us!

Chris is a great writer.

And yes, I probably left out you. My apologies. This list is not exhaustive. (It may be exhausting.)


chris said…
Thank you, I'm flattered!
Dave Moody said…
Thanks for the plug.. but Barb's is better than mine
The Lone Beader said…
Thank you so much for mentioning me=:)
Lora_3 said…
Thank you! I'm still sick and I'm missing all the SXSW fun. So it really means something to me that you thought of me today!

Be safe...

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