Retail therapy

I bought a watch from a highway salesman recently. It's a Porsche Design. Fake.

It cost all of about $14. The case is not titanium. On the back it says "Rose Gold". Maybe not.

I was amused, as I asked the guy, "It runs on batteries, right?" Not. (I knew it wouldn't be battery-powered.) It's wind-up (or motion-activated) and needs to be reset to the right time every morning. In other words, the mechanism is so ineffieient that it runs down in the middle of the night, after a day of wearing.

I love the tire pattern - on the inside of the rubber band. Very cool.

(My other title for this post is: "Wasting money = coping mechanism".)


Anonymous said…
Paul...All Porsche watch aficionados KNOW that the tread pattern on the inside of the band is to provide better traction on your wrist! Come on...
Dave Hemp ;-)
pastorrick said…
Seems like one can never get away from those salesmen selling their fake wares.
Heather Jamison said…
I posted a comment but something happened so if 2 comments post on this - whoops. I'll say the same thing twice.

This comment is coming from myself, my daughter and my husband - which, after reading your post on the coping mechanism of "wasting money" by buying fake watches --- we would like to suggest another method of wasting money which might not cost as much per go. You can download a song on iTunes for only $.99 or a music video for $1.99. They even have stuff from the 70s and 80s like Duran Duran - which, admittedly, won't keep as good as time as your new sportscar watch but has pretty rockin' synthesizers. Just a suggestion. 14 fun clicks of the "download this song" for the price of one watch off the streets of Nairobi. I dunno. Not bad.

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